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It is a family tradition that I photograph my youngest reading my book as soon as it comes out. Here is the photo collection to date.

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People sometimes ask what else I do besides write and practice law. I’m also the father of two amazing girls and the stepfather to two wonderful boys, and a very nice dog. But mostly I collect Pez and Batman bobbleheads and when weather permits, build snow people.

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My wife makes me keep my bobbleheads at the office.

Don't tell anyone my secret identity!

NIXIE, the best dog ever!

If only I could see the world through her eyes.

My Pez collection

I call her Snow Susan, but my wife (who is flesh and blood Susan) does not approve of that.

This one I did without even having children as cover for making a snow man.

My daughter not pleased when I told her that these were her real parents.

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